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How I spent 2017.  There was a significant change in the 50th years my family owned the cabin in Northern Michigan.  Below is the remodeling effort of 2017 while shows the results. The effort took over 30 people to make it happen.  Friends, Family and a few hired specialists all pulling in the same direction (most days)

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My father Art Sr purchased a 2 room cabin.  It began as a hunting cabin but summers were a time of family reunions, bonfires, and relaxation.  My parents passed on and my brother and sister were too far away so I took over the cabin and property.

My Grandfather in 1938 was killed in a swing saw accident 100 yards from the cabin my father purchased in 1967

Instead, the cabin became a special place for friends to bond.  Above are the four men who made this place special.

(Left-Right) Emil Harmon local farmer, Art Sr a local businessman, Steve Carpenter entrepreneur and Lyle Stark treasure hunter

My Father, Art Sr, purchased the two-room cabin to use as a hunting camp but in 50 years only 3 deer have been shot and none by my family. 

1967 two room cabin

1983 the trailer was added to the 2 room cabin where its 2 bathrooms, 4 small bed rooms and a TV Rooom.

1983 Art Sr happened
across a mobile home  the owner wanted removed

2016 We started the remodeling project by designing a remodel for the bunk room.

The results were unbelievable

We had to gut the garage before we could remodel it.

Armed with the 2016 bunk house we planned for the main cabin.  First we had to remove the trailer

2017 We contracted the framing and roof.  We hired a plumber and and an electrician for the things that needed to pass inspection.  The results were even better this time around.

1967 compared to 2017

1967 compared o 2017

My cabin family helped with the planning and the decision process.  We used special materials and designed processes to make the cabin, safer, easier to use, and winterized it adding 5 months of use to the cabin.

Tony, Steve, Artie and Art

Art and Steve - the brain trust behind the remodel.

Tony, Steve and Duane

2017 The Remodel Project started in 2016 and ended September 2017.  The effort involved a lot of people who had long ties to the cabin.  The most important people to this project were Bob and Ed.  Bobbie has been been a camp member since a young boy while ed has a cabin less than a half a mile away.  In 1991 a barn that sat on our land across the streen was set fire by an arson and Ed wat the first volunteer fireman at the site of the fire.

Above, this cabin picture was taken in 1968.  I am 2nd from the left and Bobbie is 2nd from the left

Ed is a mason who owns his own company.  He brought his crew to set the foundation.

Below left, Bobbie and wife Tammy trying to stay dry and bottom right Tammie keeping the project details.

Bobbie is a finish carpenter and like Ed is handy with his tools.

Above and below, 
Ed and his friend Michelle.

Left Tammie Painting

Right Michelle and Tammie Painting

Tammie and Michelle not only let Bob & Ed work with me, they joined in as well.​​  Two of the nicest people I know

Left -- Bobbie and Ed took the trees  we had to cut to the sawmill and used the wood for the finish trim seen to the right.

Blain with his wife and daughter. Blain also dug the foundation, put in the drain-field and septic tank.

45 years later Blain is in the same spot playing with a somewhat larger toy

Above Blain plays in the dirt with a truck in the driveway of the cabin.  Blain is Bobbie's brother

above Margaret and Ken Goldsmith.  Margaret rode horses with my sister at the cabin while Ken and I went through school together starting in the first grade.

Bill Eaton was our electrician and he was a camp member in the 90's

above left my cousin susie is on the swing 1972 (Left).  Above right susie is painting the cupboards 2018

We hired a plumbing team which included a female plumber who was not afraid to work.  She is coming out of the crawl space.

Mary is a friend  from high school who is helping us maintain the cabin.

above Ed handling the chimney.  He is a mason.  Below is Ed's crew putting in the foundation

The crew we hired to do the framing, roof and siding.

The only picture of me working.  I always had the camera.

Craig was my best man and this was the first time in 20 years we saw each other

Some of my favorite pictures of the cabin.  The painting was my grandmother's work.

I backpacked to the cabin in winter but my daughter and wife were the first winter visitors in many years that did not use snowshoes to get there.  Early in its existence when there was no running water some used the cabin for a snowmobile HQ.  These are the first to enjoy running water in the wintertime.  Full Bathrooms and water for cooking and doing the dishes based on designs of Steve Carpenter.  Below Left Allison and Below right Mary-Lynn both riding snowmobiles for the first time.