Art Foster

Columbus, Ohio
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Career At a Glance

Customer Facing Skills is one area that separates me from most operators or project managers.  I have several different types of customers.  They are:

Retailers.  I sold the competitive advantage to retailers of the allocation system I developed which increased sales 2-4 % and increased efficiency 5%

Publishers and Magazine Suppliers - Mined suppliers to increase our product margins by meeting with publishing executives to create market strategies, cover treatment and display tactics and consumer-based promotions and created  $10M in annual margin enhancements.

In the software industry, I worked with our customers to enhance existing software and create new applications adding value to our base software. 
Periodical Industry Customers 

  • Operations liaison for Wal-Mart 3,000 stores and $300Mi in sales.  Responsible for goal alignment and problem resolution.
  • performed quarterly store visits with Wal-Mart Management
  • Created first scan based replenishment, store specific merchandising plan, and Pay on Scan

  • Chaired contract committee to prepare and present 60 contracts representing $260M or 80% of sales

  • Start-up of Coop  Advertising Collection Agency in a Partnership with Kroger 
  • Fixture test with Kroger drove sales 14% by utilzing new design fixtures.   

Software Customers

  • Saved customer by changing year-end inventory process

  • Reengineered Multi-site solution for customers dissatisfied with the company's optioins.

  • ​​ Saved customer by removing cost from the system and changing accounting processes

  • Saved customer by creating flowchart of their processes and listening to their issues.  They later placed the largest order for Vertex in 7 years.


  • Opportunities Inc contracted me to manage the meetings with their largests supplier, Purina, regarding EDI and inventory communication protocol.  

  • Worked wtih Logan Industries to make software changes required by HIPAA 5010 release

  • Contracted to represent the service profider to the State of Indiana in an audit issue.​​
Software Customers

  • Hired by Harmony to bring Phase 2 of a large Medicaid  project back on  track.   Project was on the planned timeline and 40% of the project billed early when the State of Ohio pulled the contract due to phase 1 failure.

  • Hired to raise customer satistfaction score for the automotive and industrial vertical from last in the company to upper 50%.  I managed a book of 35  projects and 20 customers in automotive and industrial vertical.  Goal was accomplished in 9 months.​​​

Periodical Industry Suppliers

  • Met with publisher executives and developed market tests to measure demographic variables such as color and cover treatment reaction by lifestyle
Operations Opportunitites

  • Managed Accounts Receivable project resulting in the collection of $6M in old receivables.

  • Nogotiated partnership with largest manufacturing suppliers to take back product, keep just in time inventory and suggest products for manufacturing to keep facilty open.

  • Passed OSHA Audit initiated by disgruntled employment.

  • Partnered with 2 delivery unions to help collect $4M in past sure monies in Long Island NY.  Teamster and NMDU helped define processes that led to non-payment​​

​​Periodical Suppliers - Consulting

  • ​Met with publisihing executives regarding promotions and market strategies involving demographics.​