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Art Allison, Artie, and Mary-Lynn

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Two parents working and two kids.  Hard before and impossible after one started school.  The resolution to this problem presented itself while Artie and I were walking the aisles at Zany Brany.  We ran into Tabatha, a caregiver at the kids' preschool.  Talking with her, she expressed she wanted to work with kids but took the Zany Brany job to try to save money and her college degree.  I hired her on the spot but Instead of a sitter, we got a member of the family who set the bar for Artie and Allison.  In the last 18 years, Tabatha has achieved her Undergrad, Masters, and PHD.  Artie and Allison have their undergrad degrees, Artie is pursuing his Master's in Art History at George Washington University with a goal of getting his PHD and Allison is studying to be a doctor at Indiana University College of Medicine.  Hands down the best hire I ever made.  Tabatha teaches in Hilliard OH.  Her husband Jack and son miles are in the pictures below as well .

Artie - Lake Forest College
 Allison - DePauw University

George Washington University Trustee Gate and Artie having breakfast with Mom before heading to campus.

Left Artie and Allison at her graduation and right Artie and Allison at her white coat ceremony signifying the start of medical school.

Above:  Artie in a 'play'at age 11.  It was written by by Aminah Robinson and performed at the Columbus Art Museum.  15 years later she is his thesis for his Masters. 

Artie and Allison
Different as Night and Day
Close as two Can Be

Mary-Lynn and Allison
Allison worked at the Indianapolis Zoo with the Dolphins

CEO of Red Cross Central Ohio
Fundraising for a Great Cause

Art & Artie Foster

Art & Allison

Mary-Lynn, Artie, Teresa (my  Sister), Allison and Art

Allison and her Fiancee Joey
Wedding Date
June 30, 2018 

My Sister Teresa, Mike S and Katherine
Mike is the son my sister put up for adoption at birth.  They reunited in 2016 (Katherine is Mike's wife)

Tommy and Allison
Allison managed the Best Buddy program at DePauw and Tommy was her Best Buddy.  Allison took over the the program and saved it.  She was given an award from the local county department on disabilites when she graduated.

Jeremy, Mike F, Amanda, Teresa Katherine and Mike S
Teresa is my sister and her sons are the two Mikes

Left to right - My brother Mark his boys Logan, Jake and Nick and his wife Kim. and Mary-Lynn