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Columbus, Ohio

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Change Management Successes

My career in change management was shaped by the industry Iof my first career position.  The industry went from 400 protected wholesale operations to 4 wholesale ownerships.  The profit from 8% to -2% overnight.  I worked for a progressive owner who had a progressive team that included my mentor, Gene Alfonsi.  There were plenty of opportunities for change experience:

Change Management Accomplishments:
  • Performed a turnaround the bookstore chain comprised of 8 retail outlets.  Turned over entire staff and put in sales associates.

  • Managed start-up partnership with Kroger to collect coop advertising dollars.  Created an additional $1M profit annually to Kroger.

  • Turnaround of National Display Fixture Company in Huntington WV.  Replaced Management, negotiated supplier concessions, partnered with suppliers on products and, reset production floor. 

  • Manage the inventory for National Wholesale Drug in Detroit Michigan.  Approved all write-offs and markdowns for the company as it approached bankruptcy.  Created sales promotion that moved old product and created additional value in the line of credit value.

  • Implement Routing software in the magazine distribution business

  • Moved to Long Island NY to collect $4M in old receivables, Rebuilt the accounts receivable department, and worked with the delivery unions to collect old money and plug A/R holes.

  • Became the company contract manager, preparing and presenting 60 contracts representing $265M when ithe ndustry lost protected territories.

  • Part of the team that performed 14 mergers and acquisitions in a regional roll up.  Evaluated retail contracts, implemented custom software and evaluated purchasing & Allocation personnel.

  • Created an allocation system integrated with shopper demographics. The process increased sales 2-3% cut handling costs 5% and was strongly supported by our retail base and suppliers and was used by 450 associates across the country to set purchase orders and promotions.

  • Part of a Venture Capital Road Show that accomplished a $40M bridge loan to keep the company operating.  Presented competitive advantage of allocation software integrated with demographics.
  • Centralized the allocation, invoicing and purchasing departments.  Saving headcount and transferring control from a decentralized management system to a corporate-driven single department.  Fully supported by all national customers.

  • Created the first inventory replenishment system for Periodical Industry

  • Created retail outlet specific templates for merchandising 3000 SKU's that set quanty and product mix for 5,000 retail outlets and 3,000 SKU's

  • Transitioned large customers from traditional statement billing to pay on scan.  My team was involved in shrink calculations(2.9%) and inventory ownership transferred from Wal-Mart to Anderson ($50M)

  • Changed culture of a small software company  to be customer-centric

  • Implemented Agile Development and hired a DBA

  • Took QA from a step in the SDLC to a full department

  • Created an intuitive warehouse management tablet that cut training from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 hours.  The tablet application was the top-selling software in its first year.

  • The intuitive methodology was integrated into all software products going forward.

  • Designed new Medicaid billing engine to replace the old billing engine rendered obsolete by the release of HIPAA 5010